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Wood Carvings, Chainsaw Wood Carvings, Sculpture, Art, Music, Acting and Singing

Chainsaw Casey, Casey Wood Carving, Casey’s Creations, Casey Stardust, Stardust Castle

Casey Jones Art Scullpture chainsaw wood carving in Travel Town, griffith Park

Maybe you think something is impossible, but … maybe it isn’t.

It’s always best to do a test because maybe you CAN!  And you won’t know unless you try.

Check out all the cool stuff I’ve made over the years!

After a while, it starts to add up.

videos, youtube, woodcarving, chainsaw woodcarving, lumbersexuals
Eugene Wright of the Dave Brubeck Quartet and his Bass.  Sculpture of Eugene Wright of the Dave Brubeck Quartet
Cosmic heart, atomic heard, good energy, chainsaw oscar, sculpture
Hand carved chair, wood carving, art, chair

Cosmic Heart




Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Paitnings I did in school, Acrylic Paintings, Drawings, art, creativity
Roma Downey from Touched by an Angel and Casey.  "Touched by an Angel"
Chainsaw Academy, Casey's Art House, Learn to do Chainsaw
Christmas Cards, Christmas Ornaments, Wooden Ornamanets, Pen and ink
Recorded with the Allman Bros.  Butch Trucks
Pen And Ink Drawings, Comic, cartoon,
Custom T shirts, art, silk screen, potato print

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